Marie Brenneis’s practice deals with placement, depth, colour and misinterpretation. Incorporating sculpture, painting, installation and painting. 


Brenneis’s concern is with the different spatial qualities of colour, and their potential to open up a psychological space in her works. Central to her interest is the conflict between the geometric depth of space and the different space given by colour. She likens this to setting up a different paradigm, to allow for the eruption of a ‘semiotic non- linguistic space’.

The skill in her work is more about play and placement, being deft in spotting visual associations of material rather than manipulating them through craft, thinking about the legacy of Surrealism’s connection to placement.


As a researcher, her practice is research based, often spending 3 months researching a new piece of work. Marie was a PhD practice based Fine Art candidate at London Metropolitan University from 2015 -2019; here she researched placement, colour, taste and cognition.

Marie has a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Dance theatre ‘The body in Performance’ and had a stint of being a Stand-up comedian, wrong and humour also plays a big part in her oeuvre. 

Her art works are full of psychological drama which are dark but also playful. This combination of darkness and playfulness is acted out within her performance pieces and art objects. The viewer needs to have an open mind when comprehending the imaginative freedom, she is offering’. Paulina De’Souza (Director of Diversity Art Forum) 2018