Marie Brenneis’s work explores normality, uniformity, binaries and gentrification through colour and ambiguity, her surreal romanticised assemblage sets are created by using collage, installation, sculpture, colour and scale.

She is concerned with two things: Logic and Beauty, with the growth of logic realities,  she is interested in what can't be explained for through logic, only through feeling and experience. Also she is extremely curious by who decides what is beautiful and how these associations are formed and what do they exclude or ignore.

Brenneis’s deliberate misplacement of colour at key points, employing visual spatial and colour ambiguity in order to explore the potential of misinterpretation and misunderstanding; these complex arrangements create a rupture in seeing and looking and atomically tap into your imagination.


The skill in her work is more about play, imagination, colour and placement, being deft in spotting visual associations of material rather than manipulating them through craft, thinking about the legacy of surrealism’s connection to placement. Marie layers ideas over images over ideas, glues them together with weird humour.

As a researcher, her practice is research based, often spending 3 months researching a new piece of work. Marie was a PhD practice based Fine Art candidate at London Metropolitan University from 2015 -2019; here she studied cultural studies and philosophy and researched placement, colour, taste and cognition.

Marie has a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Dance theatre ‘The body in Performance’ and had a stint of being a Stand-up comedian, wrong and humour also plays a big part in her oeuvre. 

Her art works are full of psychological drama which are dark but also playful. This combination of darkness and playfulness is acted out within her performance pieces and art objects. The viewer needs to have an open mind when comprehending the imaginative freedom, she is offering’. Paulina De’Souza (Director of Diversity Art Forum) 2018